Books/  - A Habit of Self Deceit

A Habit of Self Deceit

A Habit of Self Deceit is primarily a visual story about Lorena's absence from her parent's lives for the better part of 30 years, only to be reunited with them when her mother started living in a dementia care home. It also contains two short essays that describe how she saw them at that time, which was both an ending to their estrangement and a beginning to a new phase in their relationship - one where they became more active participants in each others lives.

The photos express a sense of loss, absence and longing for a feeling of connectedness (a feeling of home) that she never had with her family when she was growing up.
Published in September of 2018.
$ 24.95
Books/  - A Habit of Self Deceit

Lorena Turner

Lorena Turner is a photographer, writer and educator.
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