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Special Filters and Systems

Special Filters and Systems

No matter what your water quality problem, you can rely on RainSoft to have the right system or filter to help you solve it. Bad tastes and odors caused by chlorine. Acid. Sediment. Iron-sulphur. Manganese. You name the problem. Your RainSoft dealer will provide the solution. 

Taste & Odor Filtration System Features:

Tank-Within-A-Tank Construction
Rugged tank is wound with over 3 miles of glass filament for extraordinary strength. Inside there’s another tank of sanitary plastic so your drinking water will never touch the interior fiberglass surface.

Exclusive Composite Valve
Uses advanced NORYL composite material to enhance dimensional integrity and protect valve from expansion or shrinkage due to pressure and temperature demands.
Electro-Mechanical Controller
Simple yet versatile controls allow you to set the system for the exact quality and usage you desire. Many other treatment systems do not feature controls this versatile.
Handy Guest Tab
A simple push of the tab starts a complete regeneration cycle giving you extra treated water if and when needed.
Automatic Bypass During Regeneration
Eliminates the inconvenience of being without water.
Specially Graded Filter Media
HYSULEX II (H) is a highly activated carbon with acres and acres of surface area to adsorb bad tastes and odors as well as other substances in your water.

SUPER HYSULEX (SH) utilizes silver impregnated carbon to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the filtering media. A more porous material than regular carbon, these carbons have highly developed internal surface areas, providing greater capacity for adsorption. Manufactured to be cleaner, stronger and harder than industry standard carbons.

Application Limitations:
Well pumps must produce a greater flow rate than the required backwash flow rate. Water to be filtered should be free of oil and suspended matter, and should be relatively free of iron and turbidity for maximum service life for taste and odor removal. Actual results may vary based on local water conditions.

Maintenance Requirements:
The filtering media will eventually become exhausted and need replacement. Replacement schedule will depend on incoming water quality and amount of water used.

Note: Tank size and local water pressure will affect unit's operating flow rate.
Manual Filters
Semi-Automatic Filters
Fully Automatic Filters

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